Remote Electronic Pump Controllers

Remote, Electronic, Pump ControllersThe CycleFlo Remote Electronic Pump Controllers are a microprocessor-controlled batching controller designed to automate remotely-controlled Husky pumps for batching, metering or dosing a fluid.

When integrated with remotely-controlled Husky pumps, the CycleFlo counts the strokes and quantity of fluid that is discharged, ensuring a specific, repeatable amount is dispensed.


Remote, Electronic, Pump Controllers
The CycleFlo II Remote Electronic Pump Controllers controls the cycle rate (set by you) of the Husky pump by energizing or de-energizing two three-way solenoid valves. The CycleFlo II includes a potentiometer (in the form of a screw) that you turn to control the energizing/de-energizing rate of the built-in solenoid valves.