Chlorination Systems from Accu-Tab

Chlorination Systems, Accu-Tab Chlorination Systems, Accu-Tab
Chlorination Systems, Accu-Tab

The Accu-Tab® system by PPG Industries is a leader in safer, simpler, and accurate tablet chlorination. The custom-manufactured, NSF-listed systems combine calcium hypochlorite tablets, patented chlorinators, and engineered systems to provide a safer chlorination alternative for applications ranging from pools and drinking water to wastewater and food processing. We've got the power™.



An excellent alternative to liquid bleach and gas, the Accu-Tab
system doesn't require special containment measures or
elaborate safety equipment.


Accu-Tab three-inch tablets are
easy to handle and store. The chlorinators contain no moving parts
or small openings to clog, keeping operation simple and maintenance
to a minimum.


As easy to adjust as gas and more consistent than bleach, the Accu-Tab system automatically delivers the precise level of chlorine you need.