HVAC Hydronic Accessories From Weinman Pumps

Condensate Return SystemsSuction Diffuser

The Weinman suction diffuser is designed to reduce space and installation costs by replacing a long radius elbow, strainer and extended entry pipe on the suction side of the pump.


  • Direct mounting in horizontal or vertical position

  • Separate fine mesh startup screen surrounds each perforated screen

Weinman Suction Diffusers


The Weinman TD valve is a combination pump discharge valve which functions as a shut-off, check and calibrated flow balancer. Available in sizes 2" through 12" with ductile iron body.


  • Schrader valve metering connections

  • Memory Stop

  • Plug position indicator and calibrated scale

  • Spring-loaded clapper

  • Bubble-tight shut-off

  • In-line serviceability