Barnes High Head Heavy Duty Vortex Submersible Sewage Pump

Barnes, High Head, Heavy Duty, Vortex, Submersible Sewage PumpSeries SEV
1/2 through 2.0 hp
2" Solids Handling
3450 rpm
Single & Double Seal

Barnes, High Head, Heavy Duty, Vortex, Submersible Sewage Pump

Submersible Sewage Pump Specifications

Size 2" & 3" NPT vertical discharge
Pump Body Cast iron - Class 30
Motor Housing Cast iron - Class 30
Impeller 7 vane, vortex, bronze with pressure vanes on back side.
Hardware Stainless steel
Seal Single Seal Series: Mechanical type with ceramic and carbon faces, stainless steel hardware and Buna-N elastomer.
Double Seal Series: Mechanical type in tandem, oil filled chamber, carbon & ceramic faces, stainless steel hardware & Buna-N elastomer.
Square Rings Buna-N
Suitable for 104ºF (40ºC) liquids
Standard Equipment All models equipped with carrying handle and 20' (6m) of cable with quick plug in terminal plate. Single phase size 14/3 type "SJTW" or 10/3 type "SOW". Three phase size 14/4 type "SOW"
Option Seal material, additional cable, temperature sensor & seal leak sensor on double seal only.

Submersible Sewage Pump Motor Specifications

Single Phase Completely oil filled with overload protection in motor - PSC (permanent split capacitor)
Three Phase Completely oil filled, overload protection provided in magnetic starter.
Motor Speed 3450 rpm
Insulation Class-B
Shaft Stainless Steel
Bearings Ball, oil lubricated
Electrical Ratings 115V-1hp: 1/2 hp 12.6A
1/2 hp 6.0A, 1.0 hp 10.7A, 1-1/2 hp 13.5A, 2.0 hp 16.0A
1/2 hp 5.8A, 1.0 hp 7.0A, 1-1/2 hp 10.8A, 2.0 hp 13.2A
1/2 hp 5.3A, 1.0 hp 7.5A, 1-1/2 hp 9.8A, 2.0 hp 12.0A
1/2 hp 2.6A, 1.0 hp 3.7A, 1-1/2 hp 4.9A, 2.0 hp 6.0A
1/2 hp 2.1A, 1.0 hp 2.9A, 1-1/2 hp 3.9A, 2.0 hp 4.8A