Barnes Solids Handling Pump Series

Barnes, Solids Handling Pump, Series SHBarnes Solids Handling pump series are commonly found in applications involving sewage, effluent, wastewater processing and solids laden media. Available in both standard and explosion proof configurations. Barnes Solids Handling pumps are constructed of durable cast iron with oil-filled motors to provide a pump tough enough to meet almost any application need.

Barnes, Solids Handling Pump, Series SHKey Product Characteristics And Benefits:

  • Superior solids passing with less clogging
  • Variable Frequency Drive rated H-Class windings
  • Plug-n-Play 30,50,75-foot cord for 30 HP & LG35; simplifies maintenance needs
  • Cast iron construction
  • Temperature and moisture sensors
  • 50,000 hour minimum bearing life
  • Stainless steel lifting bail and hardware
  • Expolsion proof, class 1 division 1, groups C & D, T4
  • CSA/ FM
  • 125 lb. horizontal flange, slotted to accomodate 100 mm 150 flange


  • Hard Face Seal materials
  • Impeller trims to meet specified conditions
  • Additional cord lengths
  • Leg kit for free standing applications


  • Municipal Wastewater Raw Sewage