EchoDucer Ultrasonic Level Transmitter from Flowline

EchoDucer, Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, Flowline
The general purpose two-wire ultrasonic transmitter provides non-contact level measurement up to 26' or 8m, and is well suited for corrosive or waste liquids. The transmitter is typically selected for atmospheric bulk storage, day tank or waste sump applications with challenging installations such as tall flanges, concrete ceilings, underground storage tanks or non-perpendicular fittings. Media examples include resin and sulfuric acid.
Rugged PVDF transducer for insertion through tall riser fittings, concrete walls or pipes with ID > 2" schedule 40
Fixed 20 cm to 8m measurement span requires no field calibration
Self leveling transducer for use with non-perpendicular fittings
Fail-safe intelligence with diagnostic feedback for easy troubleshooting
Tech Tip
The breakthrough insertion design eliminates acoustic interference often associated with tall installation fittings, concrete ceilings or underground bulk storage tanks. The self leveling transducer can also be applied with installation fittings that are not perpendicular to the liquid surface. The transducer insertion length or A-dimension is typically specified from the top of the process mount to the opening in the vessel.
8" to 26.2' (20cm to 8m)
± 0.2% of span in air
Beam width:
3" (7.6cm) diameter
Dead band:
8" (20cm)
Supply voltage:
12-28 VDC
Signal output:
4-20 mA, two-wire
Process temp:
F: -4° to 140°
C: -20° to 60°
30 psi (2 bar)
Trans. insertion:
7" to 10' (18cm to 3m)
Enclosure rating:
NEMA 4X (IP65)
Process mount:
2" NPT (2" G)
Trans. material:
Cable material:
General purpose
EchoDucer, Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, Flowline

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