EchoSwitch Multi-Point Ultrasonic Level Switch From Flowline

EchoSwitch, Multi-Point, Ultrasonic Level Switch, Flowline
The general purpose ultrasonic switch provides non-contact level detection up to 26' or 8m with 3 relays. Each relay can be configured on a single set point alarm, automatic fill or empty including pump alternation or duplexing control, or two set points for out of bounds alarms. The switch is well suited for a broad range of corrosive, waste and slurry media, and is broadly selected for atmospheric day tank, process vessel, pump lift station and waste sump applications.
Non-contact level detection with integral 3-channel relay control
Offered in four sensor ranges up to 8m with 1" and 2" transducers
EasyCal target push button calibration with non-volatile memory
5cm minimum beam width for applications with restricted space
Fail-safe intelligence with troubleshooting diagnostic feedback
The integral three-channel relay controller has powerful tank automation features including advanced pump and alarm control logic designed for day tank, process vessel and waste sump applications. From alarms to automatic fill or empty, pump duplexing and run dry protection, EchoSwitch does it all. Its level automation made simple.
  • High or low alarm
  • Out of bounds alarm
  • Automatic fill or empty
  • Two pump duplexing
EchoSwitch, Multi-Point, Ultrasonic Level Switch, Flowline
2" to 26.2' (5cm to 8m)
0.25" (6mm)
LU72/75: 0.5" (1.2cm) single set point
LU71/73: 1" (2.5cm) single set point
Beam width:
LU72/75: 2" (5cm) dia.
LU71/73: 3" (7.6cm) dia.
Dead band:
LU75: 2" (5cm)
LU71/72: 4" (10cm)
LU73: 8" (20cm)
Supply voltage:
50_5: 95-250 VAC
58_5: 12-28 VDC
Contact type:
(3) SPDT relays
Contact rating:
60 VA
Contact fail-safety:
De-energizes during echo signal loss
Target, push button
Process temp:
F: -4° to 140°
C: -20° to 60°
30 psi (2 bar)
Enclosure rating:
NEMA 4X (IP65)
Process mount:
1" / 2" NPT (1" / 2" G)
Trans. material:
General purpose
EchoSwitch, Multi-Point, Ultrasonic Level Switch, Flowline

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