8X - 8 GPM External Gear Pump

8X - 8 GPM External Gear PumpHaight is a leader in design and manufacturing of Hot Oil Pumps

Listed below are the features and benefits of our 8X External Gear Pump

  • More efficient (less amp draw)
  • Performs at or slightly above competitor's pumps
  • More debris tolerant than competitor
  • Easily serviced with illustrated instructions
  • No bearings to fail in external gear pumps
  • No alignment issues or tolerance stacking
  • External Gear Pumps have proven superior tooth engagement
  • Less vibration while operating


  • Capacity range is: Not Available
  • Construction Material: Gray Iron
  • Capacity (max): 8 gpm
  • Pump Speed: 1740 RPM

Haight External Gear Pumps