15 GPM - Mag Drive Internal Gear Pumps

15 GPM, Mag Drive Internal Gear PumpsMag Drive Gear Pump Sizes ranging from 10 - 240 gpm

When you have to pump hazardous or toxic fluids, Mag Drive positive displacement pumps are a practical solution for these seal-less pumping needs. Simply substitute the mag drive for one of Haight's standard close-coupled mounting brackets and you are ready to tackle even the most demanding fluids.

Mag Drive positive displacement pumps are available for torque requirements to 60 ft-lb, pressure to 300 PSI, and temperatures to 570 degrees F.

Precision machined containment vessel components reduce eddy current effects thus improving torque transmission efficiency.

Haight's Mag Drive pumps are designed to operate effectively at standard motor speed (1800 rpm) with close-coupled motors and fluid viscosities up to 10,000 SSU.


  • Capacity range is: Not Available
  • Construction Material: Ductile Iron
  • Capacity (max): 15 GPM
  • Discharge Pressure (max): 250 psi
  • Temperature: 625ºF

Haight Internal Gear Pumps