Hayward Industrial Flow Control Systems

Hayward, Industrial, Flow Control SystemsHayward Industrial Flow Control Systems is an industry leading manufacturer of plastic valves, flow control products and systems for a wide range of water and wastewater, chemical, pharmaceutical, aquarium, food and water park applications.

Hayward Industrial Flow Control System carries an extensive line of plastic valves including two-way and three-way true union ball valves, proportional control valves, pneumatic and electric actuated valves, pipeline strainers, basket strainers, and Y-strainers. In addition to our complete line of pneumatic and electric actuators that can be packaged together with our valve products, we also have actuator mounting kits, control systems/panels, bag filters, cartridge filters, in-tank filtration systems and high purity water and aggressive chemical filtration cartridges designed to meet today’s demanding processing requirements.

Hayward Industrial Flow Control System plastic valves and flow control products are corrosion resistant and carry a Two-Year Warranty.

Actuator-Ready Valves

Actuator ready valves from Hayward featuring True Union Ball Valves - Actuator Ready, Butterfly Valves - Actuator Ready, Actuator-Ready Three-Way Ball Valve, ProFile2 Ball Valves - Actuator Ready.

Automated Valves

Automated valves from Hayward featuring Solenoid Valves, Electrically Actuated True Union Ball Valves, Pneumatically Actuated Diaphragm Valves.

Manual Valves

Manual valves from Hayward featuring True Union Ball Valves, ProFile2 Control Valves, Three-Way Ball Valves, Three-Way Lateral Ball Valves, QIC Ball Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Butterfly Valves - 1-1/2" to 12", Butterfly Valves - 14" to 24".

Check Valves

Check valves from Hayward featuting True Union Ball Check Valves, Swing Check Valves, Y Check Valves, Y Check Valves Spring-Loaded.

Control Valves

Control valves from Hayward featuring Angle Valves, Needle Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Pressure Regulating Valves, True Union Air Release Valve, Universal Stopcocks.

Electric Valve Actuators

Electric valve actuators from Hayward featuring Series EAU, Series EVR, Series EJM, Series EVS/EVT.

Pneumatic Valve Actuators

Pneumatic valve actuators from Hayaward featuring Series PMD/PMS, Series PAD/PAS, Series PKD/PKS, Series PCD/PCS.

Pipeline Strainers

Pipeline strainers from Hayward featuring Simplex Plastic Basket Strainers, Duplex Basket Strainers, Duplex Basket Strainers - 6" & 8", Plastic Y Strainers.

Hayward Filters

Hayward Filters featuring Simplex Bag Filters - PVC / CPVC. Simplex Bag Filters - PPL / PVDF, Duplex Bag Filters - PPL, Filter Bags, Cartridge Filters - PPL / PVDF.

Valve Accessories

Valve accessories from Hayward featuring Bulkhead Fittings, Bulkhead Fittings Self-Aligning, Gauge Guards, Vacuum Breaker, Valve-Safe Lockouts, Ready Flanges.

Hayward, Industrial, Flow Control Systems

Valve Actuator Controllers

Valve actuator controllers from Hayward featuring Electric Actuator Control Station, Bus Control System, Universal Control Panel.