OPTIMASS 8000 K Mass Flowmeter From KROHNE

OPTIMASS 8000 K, Mass Flowmeter, KROHNEThe solution for extended temperature applications

  • For gas and liquid applications up to 230ºC

  • Cryogenic and LNG applications down to -195ºC / -319ºF

  • Designed to meet NAMUR installation lengths

A high level of performance, together with a wide operating temperature range up to 230ºC, makes the OPTIMASS 8000k the ideal choice for mass flow measurement in a wide variety of applications.

Designed to meet the requirements of general purpose liquid and gas applications, the extended low temperature range of -195ºC / -319ºF also makes the 8000k suitable for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and cryogenic applications.

Combined with the power of the MFC 300, the OPTIMASS 8000k will provide accurate measurement of volume, mass, density and concentration.


  • Innovative twin U-tube design

  • Temperature range -195ºC to +230ºC

  • Optional insulation / heating jacket

  • Compact envelope

  • Optimised flow divider for minimum pressure loss

  • Modular electronics concept: electronics and sensor are easy to replace

  • Self draining when mounted vertically


  • Fresh and waste water

  • Chemical

  • Oil and gas

  • Food and beverage

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Fresh Water

  • General industry

  • Supercritical gases


  • Crystallising, solidifying and cryogenic products

  • Tanker loading

  • General purpose applications

  • CIP and SIP >130ºC

  • Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)