Masterflex P/S Variable-Speed Air-Powered Drives

Masterflex, P/S, Variable-Speed, Air-Powered Drives, Thermo ScientificMasterflex P/S variable-speed air-powered drives are intrinsically safe when properly grounded for static electricity. No electrical power required.

  • Peristaltic Pump deliver flow rates from 3.6 to 3400mL/min. (up to 54 gph)

  • IP rating: IP44

  • Wide flow control range (10:1 turndown)

  • Compact, portable console package

  • Reversible

  • 955-1029
    Pump head type: Easy-Load II (thin wall)

  • 956-1029
    Pump head type: Easy-Load II (thick wall)

  • 965-1029
    Pump head type: High-Performance (thick wall)

Certifications: UL listed, CE marked, cUL

Recommended for: Ideal for hazardous-duty locations


  • Flow rate 3.6 to 3400mL/min. (up to 54 gph)

  • Reversible Yes

  • rpm 60 to 600

  • Air Supply Requirements 10 cfm at 150psig

  • Motor Type Rotary vane air motor

  • Speed Regulation (Repeatability) ±10% (15±rpm at 60 to 150rpm) (20±rpm at 150 to 600rpm)

  • Operating Temperature 0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F)

  • Storage Temperature -10° to 65°C (-49° to 149°F)

  • Footprint (L x W x H) 9.87L x 4.81W x 8.81 in. H (25.1L x 12.2W x 22.4cm H)

Masterflex P/S Precision Tubing