Peristalic Pumps FH100 and FH100X from Thermo Scientific

Peristalic Pumps, FH100, FH100X, Thermo ScientificThe FH100 and FH100X units combine highly regarded peristaltic pump technology with innovative digital control to provide robust performance at an economical value. The broad flow range and variable speed make peristaltic pumps ideal for laboratories to pilot process scale-up requirements. The FH100 and FH100X tubing pumps are a reliable alternative to lab piston metering pumps, gear pumps and small circulating pumps used in life science laboratory applications.

Easy to Maintain

  • Easy-to-use fluid handling system—simple control keypad with integrated pumphead

  • Low maintenance with minimum downtime—new rapid loading pumphead allows tubing change in less than 30 sec.

  • Space efficient—low-profile, stackable design with a small footprint

  • Interface with other instrumentation—remote control capability

  • Accurate, reliable control of flow and dosing—digital display of rpm for accurate control

  • Self priming—able to operate dry, and contain no valves or seals eliminating replacement needs

  • Fluid contacts only the tubing, providing for contamination-free pumping in high-purity applications

Easy-to-Use Controls

  • Stop and start from the front panel

  • Increase/decrease flow

  • Select internal or external remote signal control

Remote Control Capability

  • Start/Stop

  • Flow direction (CW/CCW)

  • Flow control via 4 to 20mA current or 0 to 10VDC

  • Remote/local

Includes: Peristaltic pump, power cord, quick-start guide and manual on CD

Required Accessories: Tubing to complete system; choose from three tubing grades:

  • Thermo Scientific general purpose

  • Thermo Scientific high-precision

  • Thermo Scientific high-resilience (sold separately)

Warranty and Service Offering: One year

Certifications: ETL, cETL, CE, RoHS, ISO9001:2008

Recommended for: Peristaltic pumps are ideal for a wide variety of life science and industrial applications:

  • Sample prep

  • General dispensing

  • Media dispensing

  • Dilution blank

  • Dispensing reagents

  • Biopharmaceuticals

  • Agrochemicals

  • Oil analysis

  • Sampling

  • Filling

  • Cell culture

  • Buffer recirculation

  • Chromatography

  • Stem cell research

  • Chemical feed

  • Filtration