FH100D and FH100DX Dispensing Peristaltic Pumps from Thermo Scientific

Dispensing, Peristalic Pumps, FH100D, FH100DX, Thermo ScientificThe innovative FH100D and FH100DX peristaltic pump systems provide a number of important advantages for users, including single-channel variable flow from 0.5mL/min to 4000mL/min at a variable speed range of 4-400 rpm. The unit’s powerful motor provides better than 0.25% percent speed control accuracy and repeatability as well as remote control operation.

Easy to Use

  • Simple to set up as continuous flow peristaltic pumps or dispensing systems

  • Programmable in seven languages to provide easy setup in almost any global location

  • Select from 15 different units (English and metric)

  • Universal voltage and frequency capability allows operation worldwide

  • IEC 320 socket allows power cord interchange to adapt to local country power plugs


  • Ideal for cell culture, cross-flow filtration, dispensing harvesting, sample preparation, spectroscopy, stem cell research, pH control and more

  • Contamination-free pumping

  • Packed with features yet value priced

  • Optimize system accuracy by calibrating the pump system in process

  • Calibration stored in memory — one calibration value per tubing size

  • Loaded with broad range of remote control options — ideal for automated process applications

  • Space efficient — low-profile, stackable design with a small footprint

  • Interface with other instrumentation — remote control capability

  • Accurate, reliable control of flow and dosing — digital display of rpm for accurate control

Reversible pump direction to purge transfer lines or containers prior to use

Required Accessories: Choose peristlatic pump tubing to meet your flow range requirments. FH General Purpose tubing; FH Precision tubing links, or HRT (High-resilience tube) elements.

Warranty and Service Offering: One year

Compliance: RoHS and WEEE

Certifications: ETL, cETL, and CE