Floating Oil Spill Containment Booms From Megator

Ideal for oil spill containment or as a barrier against floating debris. Manufactured from heavy-duty, oil resistant, PVC-coated nylon, the Megator Booms have completely enclosed flotation elements of closed-cell foam. Steel weights at the bottom of the boom are sealed in and the whole exterior presents a smooth surface which is easy to clean. The booms are fitted with eyelets at each end enabling multiple booms to be joined together to cover a greater area.

  • Ideal for use in ponds, lakes, culverts, docks, tanks etc.

  • Booms fold up for easy storage & transport, yet can be deployed in seconds without the need for inflation or to have weights added.

Detail Mini boom Mega boom
Height 23 cm 9" 40 cm 16"
Length 5 m 16.5 ft 10 m 33 ft
Width 2 cm 3/4" 3 cm 11/4"
Freeboard 5 cm 2" 15 cm 6"
Water draught 18 cm 7" 25 cm 10"
Float Foam cell Foam cell
Material PVC PVC
Colour Yellow Yellow
Weight 5 kg 11 lbs 12 kg 26 lbs