Netzsch iFD-Stator

Netzsch, iFD-Stator

Better Performance + Lower Costs = Easy Change! ... and why the new iFD-Stator® is the solution. For the reason that with the iFD-Stator® NETZSCH has succeeded in combining efficiency, economy and environmental safety implementing this in one unique dual system.

I ntegration of efficiency and environmental protection
F lexibility of the stator prolongs lifetime and capacity
D ual system reduces and conserves the environment

simple handling of the iFD-Stators® 2.0

  • the iFD-Stator® is compatible with all NEMO® Pumps of the NM® series

  • the changing of the stator is quick and easy

  • the efficiency is improve significantly

  • lifetime is prolonged significantly

  • pulsation is reduced and flow behavior improved

  • downtimes are reduced

  • the replacement stator is less expensive and the housing is reusable

  • it reduces life cycle and energy costs


  • Capacities from 0,5 up to 50m/h (2-220 USgpm)

  • Pressures up to 12 bar (180 psi)

Stator Elastomer



  • S + L

Because the new iFD-Stator® sets performance standards