Gemini Pump Containment Shelf 3

Gemini, Pump Containment Shelf 3Introducing the newest member to the Gemini product family, the Gemini Pump Containment Shelf 3. The PCS is ideal for protecting your workers and the environment from injuries caused due to spilled or spraying chemicals. Pump Spill Containment Enclosure is great for outdoor applications in keeping your pumps out of the sun and weather.

The PCS-3 is a pump spill containment enclosure made of polyethylene material for outstanding chemical compatibility. The Pump Containment Shelf 3 houses up to 3 pumps and has a built in divider shield allowing for adverse mixing chemicals to operate safely side by side. In event of leak or discharge from pumps, liquids are contained on their side and drained through bottom drain port. Raised mounting shelf keeps your pumps, tubing, and wiring out of spilled chemicals. (2) 2” side connection holes for running tubing and wiring and piping from the exterior to the interior of the enclosure. Cover has built in viewing window to allow operator to visually check for leaks before opening enclosure.

Pump Containment Shelf has 16”center mounting supports allowing for secure attachment to vertical wall (studs). Large inside area allows for mounting of controller, other devices, and piping to back wall.

PCS is available in blue and natural; additional colors available upon request and at additional charge.

Polyethylene Pump Spill Containment Shelf