Storage Tank Accessories From Precisioneering

Storage Tank Accessories, Precisioneering


Vent openings are required for all atmospheric tanks. The most widely used are:

  • Utility Half Round
  • Gooseneck
  • Duct Flanged Nozzle
  • Mitered


O.S.H.A. Ladders & Cages

Epoxy painted steel construction is standard. Precisioneering's proprietary FRP ladder and cage is available for very corrosive environments.

Agitator Support & Baffles

Precisioneering's proprietary design will provide for localized tank wall stiffening for heavy mixers and extra baffle reinforcement for very high torque loads.

Insulation And Heat Tracing

Precisioneering's heat-traced and insulated alum tanks for the water treatment industry continue to perform well outdoors in Canadian winters after 25 years. The FRP protective cover over urethane insulation contains expansion joints and additional reinforcement to handle the very high thermal stresses generated outdoors in the winter.

Other Accessories

Anything added to a steel tank can be added to a Precisioneering FRP tank. Where dip pipes are used we will recommend installing a wear-plate. Designs are on file for:

  • Insulation Clips
  • Pipe Supports
  • Ladder Clips
  • Abrasion Resistant Linings
  • Seal Pots
  • Still-wells
  • Explosion Hatches
  • Sectional Tanks
  • Metal-free Slide Manways

Storage Tank Accessories From Precisioneering