Pulsatrol Boiler Controller Series MB9300-9600

Pulsatrol Boiler Controller, Series MB9300-9600

Pulsatrol Boiler Controller, Series MB9300-9600The MB9300-9600 Series Boiler Controller is a microprocessor based controller for boiler systems. The controller provides the ability to accurately control the level of dissolved solids based on µS/cm on a timed, held or continuous sample basis. Select models provide the ability to control the alkalinity of system water in units of pH.

Control Functions

All continuously monitored sensor input functions (conductivity) will provide user definable set points for maintaining a specific value within the system for up to two boilers at the same time. Each set point will have a user definable differential as the control band, programmable high and low alarm points.

Chemical Feed Timer

The chemical feed timer shall be user selectable as any one of the following:

  • Percent - User will be able to select a percent "ON" time of a user defined "cycle" time.

  • Limit - Timer will run as controller bleeds until a user programmed "limit" time is met or the bleed is satisfied.

  • Percent of Post-Bleed - Timer will run for a user defined percentage of the bleed time after bleed is satisfied.

  • Pulse Timer - Timer initiated from dry contacting head water meter. User can define timer run time, water meter input and contact accumulation before timer initiation.

Remote Communications

The controller shall have the optional capability of serial communications using PULSAworks software. The serial communications can occur either by direct RS232 port, or remotely via an optional internal modem. PULSAworks allows the user to access real-time system values and download data history files and save files to disk. History files may be viewed and printed in table or graph form, the graph form can be user customized. The optional internal modem allows the controller to perform alarm call back for alarm condition notification to a pager or computer running PULSAworks software.


  • 2 Chemical Feed Timers

  • One Point Calibration

  • Lockable Window

  • Full 24 Month Warranty

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