Chem-Tech XP Series

Chem-Tech, XP Series

Chem-Tech, XP SeriesThe new Chem-Tech XP Series with peristaltic technology delivers worry-free dosing in a modern design. Each and every component of the XP Series is designed and manufactured for optimum reliability and durability for REAL Performance.

The electronic timing circuit in the adjustable A Models provides reliable pump control, without relying on mechanical adjustment components that wear out over time.

The intuitive interface and controls provide easy operation and the peristaltic design is virtually maintenance-free.

Tailor-made for the water conditioning market, the XP Series offer affordable solutions in both initial cost and operation.

A rugged gear train and computer-aided peristaltic design ensure long-lasting performance.

F Models Simple and straight-forward fixed-rate pumps for applications where economy and ease-of-use are required. With 5 tube sizes to choose from, the F Models can deliver up to 80 USgpd and pressures up to 100 psi.

A Models Built upon the solid F Model platform, the A Models incorporate an electronic timer module to provide a 20:1 turndown control for enhanced flexibility.

V Models – Combines the best of variable speed peristaltic pump technology with state of the art electronic controls.


  • Easy tube change-out

  • Inherently Degassing

  • Extended Tube Life

  • Rugged Gear Train

  • Self Priming

  • Variable Speed (optional)

  • Adjustable Control (optional)

CTI-009 - XP Spec Sheet

XP Manual

CTI-010 - XPV Spec Sheet

XPV Manual