MicroVision Timer from Pulsafeeder

MicroVision Timer, Pulsafeeder

MicroVision Timer, PulsafeederThe MicroVision Timer is a microprocessor-based selectable timer controlller. Designed specifically for timer based control applications, MicroVision Timer comes with the features and functions you need for accurate timer based control.

The MicroVision Timer comes standard with the five programmable digital inputs that can be programmed as Drum Level inputs, water meter inputs or a Hall effect input and five programmable timers for 28 day, pulse, percent, cycle and system alarm.

The base unit comes with the controller and a power cord. Optional features such as a prewired flow switch are available to make installation quick and easy. A 15' signal cable is standard, up to 100' optional, on models without a flow switch, and a 3' cable is standard on models with a flow switch.

MicroVision Timer Features

  • Statistics Screen with Relay Run Time

  • Timer # 1 Output Supports Solenoid or Motorized Ball Valve

  • Compact Size

  • Easy To Use

  • Easy Installation

  • 2 Year Warranty