Cooling Tower Controller ACT Series from Pulsafeeder

Cooling Tower Controller, ACT Series, Pulsafeeder

Cooling Tower Controller, ACT Series, PulsafeederThe ACT Series controller continuously protect cooling systems from the harmful effects of scaling and corrosion. They are designed using the latest technology with plug in circuit boards. These units are accurate and easy to use. This simplified design provides automated control at an economical cost. The ACT Series provides electrical receptacle cords as standard for blow down valve and metering pump activation.

Key Features:

  • Front Panel Calibration

  • Front Panel Dial Set-Point

  • Conductivity Range 0-5,000 µS

  • Blow Down and or Metering Pump Indicator LED

  • Relay Test Switch

  • Power Indicator LED

  • Pre-Wired Output Connections (Conduit Optional)

  • Weather-Tight Enclosure Designed to NEMA 4X

  • Wall Mountable


  • Front Panel Calibration

  • Relay Test Switch

  • NEMA 4x Enclosure

  • Wall-Mountable