Misting System Mec-O-Matic Series T-2000

Misting System, Mec-O-Matic, Series T-2000

Misting System, Mec-O-Matic, Series T-2000The Series T-2000 is a powerful new misting system delivering consistent doses of deodorizers and other solutions. The Series T-2000 features the powerful, rapid pulsing SR275 diaphragm metering pump, the Series T2000 provides capability and reliability not available in peristaltic systems.

The Series T-2000 features a rugged, corrosion-resistant housing with a lockable latch. For secure installation of the misting nozzle a bulkhead fitting is also included. The atomizing tip is made from high-quality stainless steel with a solid brass body.

A 24-hour programmable day timer is included and provides versatile operation and settings.


  • Consistent misting pattern for maximum effectiveness

  • Metering pump provides 180cc (6oz) per minute at 100 PSI

  • Wide angle misting nozzle provides optimum pattern


  • Uses deodorizers, sanitizers, insecticides, and many other solutions.

  • For refuse containers, recycling centers, waste treatment facilities, slaughterhouses, agriculture, and many other situations.


  • Consistent Misting

  • Wall or Shelf Mounting

  • Bulkhead Fitting

  • Prime Switch

  • Rugged Construction

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