OMNI Series Diaphragm Metering Pumps

OMNI Series DC2-6, Diaphragm, Metering Pumps

OMNI Series DC2-6, Diaphragm, Metering PumpsThe OMNI Series DC2-6 is designed to be an economical, compact, rugged, simple, and reliable diaphragm metering pump. It features an industrial design to work in just about any application. OMNI series pumps are an outstanding choice for the customer looking for a simple and compact diaphragm metering pump. These reliable metering pumps are designed to perform in the widest range of chemical dosing applications.

Industrial Construction

The OMNI Series DC2-6 worm gear is constructed of durable long life bronze wand has double shielded greased for life bearings. Both reduce your maintenance and no more oil to buy or change.

Application Expertise

Since 1936, Pulsafeeder has been the global leader in fluids handling technology and innovation in chemical dosing. Pulsafeeder has built a foundation of success with thousands of installations in fluid handling applications. Our extensive product breadth enables us to provide the convenience and efficiency of single-source solutions across various industries

OMNI Series Product Scope

  • Cartridge Check Valve System

  • Reduces Back Flow and Enhances Priming Characteristics

  • Controller Ready with MPC Controller Option

  • Worm Gear is Durable Long Life Bronze

  • Flows to 272.6 gph (1032 l/h) at 60 Hz

  • Pressures to 150 psi (10.3 bar)

  • Temperatures to 150°F (65°C)

  • Viscosity up to 1000 cps

  • Maximum 10ft (3m) NPSH

  • Maximum Suction Pressure 5 psi or 0.4 bar less than design pressure

Install & Operations Manuals

OMS08 - OMNI Brochure
OMNI model DC2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 
OMNI model DC7