PULSAblend Polymer Makedown Systems From Pulsafeeder

PULSAblend, Polymer Makedown Systems, Pulsafeeder

PULSAblend, Polymer Makedown Systems, PulsafeederThe Pulsafeeder PULSAblend Polymer Makedown Systems features a patent pending Static Blending System which provides excellent dilution without harming the polymer chains. These rugged fabricated assemblies offer turn-key simplicity and industrial-grade durability.

The UV-stabilized, high-grade HDPE frame is lightweight, corrosion resistant and offers structural rigidity. Each system is factory assembled and hydrostatically tested prior to shipment.

A Wide Range of Dilution Three different water flow rates (0-5; 5-10; and 10+ GPM) custom size the system to provide outstanding activation of all types of polymers, without the sometimes damaging effects of motorized mixing devices. 5 neat polymer pump flow rates ensure the right makedown for any application. The systems include an auto-fill calibration column for easy verification of the exact neat polymer injection rate and an adjustable flow meter for incoming water, enabling exact proportion control. Each system also comes standard with a neat polymer back pressure regulator to maintain a consistent final product.


  • Panel Mounted System on rigid frame with pre-plumbed piping assembly

  • Easy to install and operate a turn-key system

  • Designed for harsh environments



Water Meters



Pressure Relief Valves


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