Saf-T-Flo, California Vermont Lead Reduction Law  

Important Notice Regarding 2010 California and Vermont Lead Reduction Laws

to our customers, distributors, and users of Saf-T-Flo chemical injection equipment


Recent state laws, California AB1953 and Vermont S-152, effective January 1, 2010, make it unlawful for any person or business to “introduce into commerce” or “sell or offer for sale” products for use in these states, in systems providing water intended for human consumption, in which the product’s wetted surface contains more than 0.25% lead by average weight.

Saf-T-Flo Water Service, Inc. intends to strictly adhere to these statutes and will manufacture its brass components to meet or exceed the statutes’ lead material requirements for the given states. Through our distribution channels, Saf-T-Flo is not always aware of the final destination and installation location of its chemical injection equipment. Knowledge and supervision of such activity is beyond Saf-T-Flo’s reasonable scope of business and responsibility. Saf-T-Flo Water Services, Inc. therefore disclaims any liability resulting from the sale, installation, or use by others of non-qualifying productsin California or Vermont.

Saf-T-Flo will continue to manufacture products that do not conform with the requirements of these laws exclusively for sale and use in all other states and internationally. All products made for sale and use in states other than California and Vermont will be clearly labeled “NOT FOR RESALE OR INSTALLATION IN CALIFORNIA OR VERMONT”