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Retractable Injection Quill – 100 psi rated

These injectors are for water mains where pressures do not exceed 100 psi.*

With caution, operators can safely remove and insert the PVC or CPVC solution tubes for inspection or replacement purposes, while the main remains in service. No shutdown is required.

A single stainless steel hook and chain locks the solution tube securely to the main connection.

A stainless steel limit chain will stop the solution tube from extending past the main connection during withdrawal.

The solution tube adapter and packing nut thread together, compressing the 300 series o-ring. This forms a tight seal around the outer diameter of the solution tube.

* We do not recommend or warranty PVC or CPVC solution tubes when velocities in the water main exceed 6 fps.

Please see data sheet (PDF) EB-129 and EB-131 for more infomation.

Model NumberPDF Solution Tube Corporation Stop Check Valve
EB-129 EB-129 3/8" 3/4" n/a
EB-131 EB-131 1/2" 1" n/a