Magnetic Drive Drum Pumps from Sethco

Magnetic Drive, Drum Pumps, SethcoSethco® high power sealless magnetic driven drum pumps provide safe and efficient transfer of corrosive liquids, concentrated acids and alkalis, solvents, light oils and volatile liquids from carboys and drums.


  • Capacities to 14 GPM (53 LPM)

  • Heads to 26 ft (7.9 m)

  • One piece tube ensures safe, reliable operation

  • Tube lengths of 28 in (711 mm) and 40 in (1,016 mm)

  • Electric and air powered drum pump motors available

  • Choice of CPVC or stainless steel construction

  • Pump liquids with specific gravity to 1.84

  • Ceramic magnets separated by a solid barrier with no physical contact between the drive and drive magnets eliminates the possibility of leakage

Mag Drive Drum Pump