Rotoflo®-Jet Self-Cleaning Filter System

Rotoflo-Jet, self-cleaning filter system, Unitrade Process Technologies IncRotoflo®-Jet self-cleaning filter system is the leading edge filtration solution for variable and viscosity applications.

Self-cleaning is achieved through the combination of internal flushing and a helical rotor that continuously cleans the internal surface of the slotted strainer cylinder.

  • Self-cleaning and low-pressure differential
  • Internal helical rotating screen
  • High torque, low r.p.m. electric drive
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • No back flush requirements
  • No systems by-pass required
  • Requires no filter media replacements
  • Automation available



  • Paint & Ink manufacturing
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Pulp & Paper manufacturing
  • Refineries and distilleries
  • Automation available
  • Citrus and food processing
  • Waste and recycling


  • Each Rotoflo– Jet strainer is carefully designed and built for specific applications
  • Available in AISI 316L
  • Filter elements available in various slot sizes
  • Available for hazardous locations

Uniflo®-Jet Self-Cleaning Filter Systems