Mixer Impellers from York Fluid Controls

Mixer Impellers

Marine Propeller

One of the best shapes for a marine propeller is that of the 3-blade marine propeller. This Matine Impeller is quite sophisticated. It incorporates a complex blade shape that can only be readily manufactured as a casting. There lies its downfall. Cast marine propellers are heavy.

Mixer Impellers

Hyflo Impeller

SHARPE MIXERS has developed an entire family of energy efficient Hydrofoil-Blade Mixer Impellers, known as "HYFLOS". Designed with various blade widths, shapes and angles, the two most common are the HYFLO 218 (also known as the Hyflo II) and the HYFLO 312.

Mixer Impellers

Pitched Blade Turbine Impeller

Pitched Blade Turbine Impeller is essentially a modified open flat blade turbine with the blades angled.

Available with different number of blades, blade widths and different blade angles, the 4-blade, 45" pitch is the most popular. It is a good compromise between high pumping efficiency and high shear for processes that require both centipoise.

Mixer Impellers

Radial Impeller

Flat-Blade Radial Turbine Impeller has blades in the vertical plane, parallel to the mixer shaft having a minimum of two blades. Four blades are most commonly used although radials are available with as few as two blades to as many as eight.

Mixer Impellers

Anchor Impeller

Anchor Impeller is designed for higher viscosity products. An anchor is normally "U" shaped, and follows the contour of the tank, with minimal clearance between the outside of the blade and the tank wall.

Anchor Impeller is specifically designed to fit the particular process. Two or four blades; with or without lower "tank bottom" blades; with either all-welded or bolted assemblies with adjustable blades.

Mixer Impellers

Helix Impeller

Helix Mixing Impeller is designed for higher viscosity products. Helix Mixing Impeller is shaped like a spiral, usually rotating close to the tank wall.

The Flights of the helical shaped blades move the product up (or down) the tank wall, promoting top-to-bottom motion in viscous materials that is superior to simple anchor or "picket-fence" impellers. Helix Impellers are specifically designed to fit the particular process.

Mixer Impellers

Hub/Attachment Options

Sharpe Mixers offers a variety of options for attaching the impeller to the shaft; split-hubs, solid hubs, all-welded assemblies and bolt on blades.

Mixer Impellers

Materials, Coatings and Polishing

Sharpe Mixers has the ability to fabricate any mixer in a variety of exotic alloys to meet our customerís requirements for corrosion or abrasion resistant materials.

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