Air Relief Valve - Top-Flo® TL60ARV from Top Line

Air Relief Valve - Top-Flo® TL60ARV is used primarily when removal of air from a line without loss of product is a concern. The design of the Air Relief Valve - Top-Flo® TL60ARV is simple: a ferrule, a housing with a plastic ball, and a vent pipe all connected using 2 standard heavy duty clamps. This design will not let air enter the line or container under negative pressure.

Air Relief Valve - Top-Flo® TL60ARV is double seated. The lightweight ball is freely moving and depending on pressure conditions will close against the upper or lower seat. This air relief valve is not designed for use in operation with liquids having less than 1.0 specific gravity.

The air relief valve can be mounted on the top of a pipeline or container to bleed a pipeline where an air pocket may have formed during operation.  Bleeding a pipe on the suction side of a pump will be automatic.  Air binding will be prevented. These air relief valves are found mounted on the top of the inlet pipe in front of the pump.

Top-Flo® is a Registered Trademark of Top Line Process Equipment Company

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