GARLOCK ONE-UP Pump Teflon Diaphragms

GARLOCK® ONE-UP® Pump Teflon DiaphragmsGARLOCK® ONE-UP® Pump Diaphragms are durable and versatile. Containing high performance PTFE GORE® sheet on the wetted side, they last significantly longer than other conventional PTFE diaphragms. These diaphragms provide a dramatic improvement in service life and are considerably stronger, with greater flex life. Excellent chemical resistance makes GARLOCK® ONE-UP® Pump Diaphragms extremely versatile. They are suitable for use with most chemicals and in elevated temperatures and pressures, and are ideally suited for general-service pumps that are used for a variety of pumping tasks. Satisfaction guaranteed, or purchase price will be refunded.


  • Longer lasting: replace diaphragms less often

  • Versatile: diaphragms work with most chemicals

  • Lower cost: maintenance and operating costs

Key Features:

  • Contains high performance, PTFE GORE® sheet

  • Bonded to a reinforced rubber backing

  • Patented rib construction

  • Chemically inert and temperature resistant

  • Greater flex life

  • Available for most makes of pumps and sizes

For Industrial Use Only:

Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing or packaging operations.

Technical Data:

Material: Proprietary 100% PTFE on wetted side Construction: One-piece design

Temperature Range:

  • Neoprene backing: 14F to 200F (-10C to 93C)

  • EPDM Backing: 14F to 280F (-10C to 137C)

  • Viton Backing: 32F to 350F (0C to 176C)

Chemical Resistance: Resistance to all media in the 0-14ph range except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine.
Flex Life: More than 70MM cycles (ASTM-D-2176, 0.020in. thick, 0.600in. wide)
Impact Strength: 30.4 ft.lbs./in. (ASTM-D-256, 0.220 in.thick)

GORE is a registered trademark of W.L.Gore & Associates

GORE,ONE-UP,Pump,Teflon,Diaphragms,DatasheetField Testing

GARLOCK® ONE-UP® pump diaphragms have been extensively field tested in a wide variety of industries including chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, paint, solvent and detergent manufacturing, and wastewater treatment. Documented case histories show that the average service life is 3.5 times longer than conventional PTFE diaphragms.

Long Service Life

The superiority of the PTFE technology developed by Gore ensures that pump diaphragms will provide extended service life.

GORE,ONE-UP,Pump,Teflon,Diaphragms,DatasheetEasy Installation

Since the GARLOCK® ONE-UP® pump diaphragm is a one-piece design, it is simple to install. Whether it incorporates bolt holes or a perimeter sealing bead, it fits easily into the pump housing without the difficulties associated with installing two-piece diaphragm sets.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee your satisfaction. If, on your initial order, you are not completely satisfied with the performance-in-use of the diaphragms, return them to us for a full refund of the purchase price.


ONE-UP® pump diaphragms are available for the following makes of air operated diaphragm pumps:

  • ARO
  • DEPA

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