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AnsiPro Pump Company, AnsiPro 96, AnsiPro 96 LF Series, AnsiPro 96 SF Series, AnsiPro APD SeriesWatson-Marlow is the world’s largest manufacturer of peristaltic pumps and tubing. We make nothing else. Watson-Marlow has over 50 years’ experience and a worldwide reputation as the the leader of our industry in terms of quality as well as quantity. Watson-Marlow offers the widest range of pumps and tubes, capable of handling flows from 4ìl/min to 3,300 litre/hour. Peristaltic pumps are positive displacement pumps. They use the perfect pumping principle with none of the disadvantages of other pump types, and cost far less in maintenance and interrupted production. They successfully handle the harshest fluids, stand up to the toughest industrial environment, and pump with extraordinary accuracy and flow control up to 875,000:1 in one pump.

Watson Marlow 500 Series Process Pumps

The new 500 series has already demonstrated an excellent performance in a variety of customer applications ranging from pulp & paper, printing and mining to food processing and from contact lens monomer dosing to industrial water and waste treatment. Please choose a category below:

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Watson Marlow 600 Series Mid Flow Process Pumps

The new 600 series pumps in your process will:

• Increase performance: up to 4.8 US gpm (18 litre/min); 60 psi (4 bar).
• Maximize uptime: Snap-fit LoadSure™ elements can give over six months life. Require less than one minute to change.
• Protect your process: Clean-in-place and Steam-in-place as standard. NEMA 4X ingress protection against dust and fluids. Fluid containment and controlled waste. Process signal control and feedback.

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Watson Marlow 700 Series Process Pumps

The 700 series provides the highest capacity available from Watson-Marlow's cased pump series with flow rates up to 8.7 gpm (33 litre/min) from one 701R pumphead. Fitting a 701RX extension pumphead gives either twin channels of up to 8.7 gpm or a combined output of up to 17.4 gpm (66 litre/min).

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Watson Marlow 800 Series High Flow Hygienic Pumps

The 800 series has been designed for hygienic pumping up to 35 gpm (8000 litres/hour) and pressures to 50 psi (3.5 bar) in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industries. Pumpheads are constructed of aluminium with a smooth white finish and they offer true SIP (steam-in-place) and CIP (clean-in-place) since the twin stainless-steel rollers can be lifted off the tube, allowing a straight-through path for cleaning.

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Watson Marlow Qdos Peristaltic Metering Pumps

Qdos metering pumps offer accurate, linear & repeatable flow under varying process conditions (even fluctuating pressure levels to 7 BAR). Additionally there are no valves, making the Qdos easier to use than most diaphragm metering pumps. Maintaining the pump is simple with the ReNu pumphead, pull the old one out and put the new one in and your done. Calibration is also simple and quick with a digital readout to remove all guesswork from the process.

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