Greyline Instruments Inc

Greyline Instruments is a manufacturer of non-contacting Flow Meters, Portable Doppler Flow Meters, Ultrasonic Level Controls, Tank Farm Monitors, Doppler Flow Meters, Flow Switches, Open Channel Flow Monitors.

Greyline Instruments develops and manufactures industrial flow and level monitoring instruments for measurement and control in water and wastewater treatment, industrial process automation and for environmental monitoring.

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Greyline Instruments level instruments include ultrasonic level monitors and transmitters, tank level monitoring instruments, pump station level controllers, software and data loggers.

Greyline Instruments ultrasonic flow products include portable meters for troubleshooting and surveys, Doppler flow meters with strap-on sensors, flow switches, open channel flow monitors and area-velocity flow meters.

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Greyline Instruments Inc.
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Greyline Instruments Inc.
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