Capacitec Gap Measuring Probes

Portable Electronic Feeler Gage

Capacitec, Gap Measuring ProbesGAPMAN is the world's first high precision, non-contact, portable electronic gap measurement gage. It features a dual capacitive sensor for position-compensated measurement and easy insertion into very narrow gaps down to 0.009" (0.23mm) in a wide range of parallel and roller gap applications. Microprocessor based and application software driven, GAPMAN records and stores data points for easy transfer to SPC and other quality systems. Additional information is available.

GPD Series

The GAPMAN is equipped with a patented GPD series quick-change probe (as shown above). GPD probes are like the HPD sensors, but with both interface connection on the same side to conveniently connect to our patented contacts. The GPD-5F-A-200 model is our standard GAPMAN probe. Its dimensions are 0.016"(0.41mm) thick by 7.87"(200mm) long. An optional thinner choice would be the GPD-5G-A-150 which is 0.009" (0.23mm) thick and 5.90" (150mm) long. Both these probes are very flexible and their prolonged length allow good penetration into "inboard" and hard to reach gap locations.

HPS Series Probes

Capacitec, Gap Measuring ProbesThe single sided very thin stick-on HPS sensors provide the thinnest packaged capacitive sensor elements available in the market today. Several sizes are available from stock which include lengths up to 7.87''(200mm) with a thickness as low as 0.004"(0.010mm) . Our proprietary snap-on connector provides a convenient but robust connection. The linear measurement range of a typical HPS-4 series sensor is 0.100"(2.54mm) nominal in a 0.394"(10.0mm) overall width.

The HPD is a dual sided version of the HPS with approximately double the thickness (0.016"/0.41mm standard). This sensor is normally used to measure gaps as small as 0.0085" (0.216mm) with accuracies of 0.0003" (7.6Ám) without scratching delicate surfaces. Capacitec engineers custom design HPS/HPD sensors to fit your specific needs in small or OEM volume quantities.

Capacitec, Gap Measuring Probes Gap Measuring Probes