Celesco SP3 String Pot

Celesco, SP3, String Pot

Two In One: 4-20mA And 0-10V In One Low-Cost Compact Stringpot
Our new versatile SP3 stringpot has features to satisfy just about any taste. Compact design, super easy installation, a rugged water-resistant polycarbonate body and user selectable output.

The ease of use, flexibility of a stringpot and measurement ranges to 50 inches makes the SP3 the perfect choice for many light industrial users, OEMs and stocking distributors.

User-Selectable Output Signal
Every SP3 ships with user selectable output signals: 4-20mA and 0-10Vdc. Our unique circuit design makes wiring a breeze. No jumpers to cut or dipswitches to set, simply select which of the three wires you'll need for the output you want and you're all set.

Several Stroke Ranges Available
The SP3 comes in four different measurement ranges from 0-4.75 up to 0-50 inches full stroke. These sensors are perfect for both the OEMs and the single-piece user alike. These cable-extension transducers are highly engineered to provide a unique combination of durability, affordability, and versatility.

Economical and Durable
Our new stringpot is economically priced yet designed to withstand common application abuses. From an extremely rugged polycarbonate enclosure that withstands chemicals and moderate impacts to our "free-release" tolerant design that is also very forgiving to cable misalignment, this cable-extension tranducer is engineered to meet your demands.

Mounts Upsidedown and Backwards
The SP3 will mount in just about any direction. Each sensor ships with a handy mounting bracket that allows you to mount the transducer in several different directions. Simply remove the mounting bracket screws and rotate sensor into desired position. Or, remove the bracket entirely and attach the sensor directly to your own surface.

Output Signal
Celesco, SP3, String Pot
4-20 mA Output Signal Connection

0-10 VDC Output Signal Connection

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