Celesco Cable Extension Position Transducer Model PT5MA

Celesco, Cable, Extension, Position, Transducer, Model PT5MACelesco PT5MA Cable Extension Transducer uses a unique thermoplastic cable that has virtually an infinite fatigue life.

This cable, known as V62, has properties that are superior for high cycle and rugged applications.

Like Celesco's other transducers, the Celesco PT5MA Cable Extension Transducer installs in minutes, functions properly without perfectly parallel alignment, and fits easily into small areas.

Celesco PT5MA Cable Extension Transducer offers additional installation flexibility since its cable exit can be rotated relative to the mounting surface, providing four different cable exit orientations.

Medium Range / High-Cycle Applications
4...20 mA Output
Various Ranges from 0-30 through to 0-125 inches

Celesco Model PT5MA