Velocity Limiting System Celesco Model VLS8000

Velocity Limiting System, Celesco, Model VLS8000Velocity Limiting System

VLS prevents cable from ever reaching damaging velocity

VLS is ideal for applications requiring frequent connections

VLS provides safer operation in mobile operations

VLS eliminates the chance of breaking a cable

The new patent-pending Celesco Velocity Limiting System (VLS) is an option for PT8000 Series cable extension transducers that limits cable retraction to a safe 40 to 50 inches per second.

It prevents a cable from ever reaching a damaging velocity during an accidental free release. VLS is ideal for mobile applications that require frequent cable disconnection and reconnection.

It prevents expensive unscheduled downtime due to accidental cable mishandling or attachment failure. VLS is available for the Celesco PT8000 Series, but not with high cable tension or stainless steel enclosure options.