Process And Temperature Indicator Data Track Tracker 212

Process Indicator, Temperature Indicator, Procss/Temperature Indicator, Data Track, Tracker 212 Acquisition • Measurement • Control

The new Tracker 212 is an all-in-one, attractively designed and priced unit. It has been engineered as a universal process and temperature indicator with user linearization features for 4-20 mA signals.

• Low Cost with a 5 Year Warranty
• Quick and Easy to Configure
• 24-Point User Linearization for 4-20 ma Signals
• Universal Process or Temperature Measurement
• Sensor Excitation for Transducers (10V) or Two Wire Transmitters (24V)
• Selectable Degrees F or C
• Display Scaling To Any Engineering Units
• 12-32 VDC/VAC Powered Version Option
• Universal Mains Power Input (110-250 VAC)
• Scalable Isolated Analog Output Option
• PC Programming Option
• Alarm Relay Fitted As Standard
• 2nd & 3rd Alarm Outputs Option
• No Internet Pots, Links or Plug In Cards
• Accepts mV, ma, V Ohm Signals Plus Type J,K,N,T,R,S Thermocouple and PT100

The T212 is fitted with a relay output with volt free C/O contacts, as standard. The alarm can be high or low acting with user selectable hysteresis and with the relay configurable to be energized or de-energized (fail safe) when in the alarm condition. Two further alarm relays can be fitted as an option.

The analog output option gives an isolated 4-20 ma signal, which is scalable to any portion of the display range. The output is linear to the displayed value, not the input. This makes the Tracker 212 an ideal tank contents transmitter.

Data Track Tracker 212 Process And Temperature Indicator