Temperature & Humidity Monitor Data Track Tracker 2610

Temperature/Humidity Monitor, Temperature Monitor, Humidity Monitor, Data Track, Tracker 2610 The Tracker 2610 is designed to monitor the ambient temperature and humidity of equipment rooms. The unit plugs into a serial data port of the Tracker range of intelligent peripherals and contains its own temperature and humidity sensors. It is provided with a 5-metre cable to allow it to be wall mounted in a convenient location within a room and is powered from a 5-volt line on the Tracker serial interface.

Logged temperature and humidity data can be sent at a rate configured by the user for storage in the Tracker. Alarm set points can be configured to trigger an immediate report of excursions outside of normal conditions. Once the temperature or humidity has returned to the normal range, a further report is generated.

The Tracker 2610 may be controlled and configured via its serial interface using commands that include configurations for log rate, alarm set points and status request.

Temperature logging
Humidity logging
High alarm
Low alarm
Return to normal state alert
Serial data output
Variable logging rate
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Data Track Tracker 2610 Temperature & Humidity Monitor