Signal Conditioner, Trip Amplifier and PID Controller Tracker 300 Series from Data Track

Signal Conditioner, Trip Amplifier, PID Controller, Tracker 300 Series, Data TrackThe Tracker 300 Series

The Tracker 300 series isa low cost Signal Conditioner, Trip Amplifier and PID Controller, for use in a variety of process applications. Its small size enables high packing density on standard TS35 DIN rail. A built in power supply, transmitter excitation and serial RS485 interface provides genuine single loop integrity with distributed data acquisition and control.

• Universal 20 bit input provides accurate measurement of a wide range of sensors
• Real-time data available via the isolated RS485 serial interface
• Fully configurable by PC software - no internal links or potentiometers

Signal Conditioning

The isolation provided in the Tracker 300 Series eliminates earth loops, which can cause noisy, inaccurate measurements. Any Tracker 320 or 330 module can be fitted with an isolated analogue output for signal retransmission.

• Accurate analogue retransmission of 1 part in 32,000 (15 bit) 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA or 0-10 VDC output
• Linearization of thermocouple and RTD sensors, so the output is linear to temperature
• User configurable linearization for applications such as tank contents measurements

Data Track 300 Series Tracker