Digital Panel Meters Doric 1000 Pro Series

Digital Panel Meters, Doric 1000, Pro SeriesDigital Panel Meters Doric 1000 Pro Series Features:

Digital Panel Meters Doric 1000 Pro Series are suitable for a wide range of display applications. Designed as a low-cost solution, they offer ruggedness and reliability for many current, voltage, frequency and process applications.

A full range of inputs can be measured simply by selecting the proper externally
accessible terminals located at the rear of the unit. The decimal point location can
be changed by moving the jumpers behind the detachable faceplate.

Digital Panel Meters Doric 1000 Pro Series consists of seven models measuring DC Voltage, AC Voltage, DC current, high AC current, high DC current, scalable process and frequency inputs. Engineering unit labels are supplied to indicate measured value.

The high DC current model 1000-XDCA is used with 60 mV, 100 mV, 150 mV shunts, and the high AC current model 1000-XCTV is used with 1 A or 5 A current transformers. An alarm setpoint option provides for Hi and Lo (dual) alarm with 5A relays that can be hooked up to on/off control elements. A front panel LED illuminates when the alarm trips.

In addition, an optional DC Excitation power supply which provides 30mA at 10 Vdc can also be specified when ordering the Digital Panel Meters Doric 1000 Pro Series.

1/8 DIN
Ideal for Process, Voltage, Frequency & Current Applications
Large 0.56" (14.2 mm) Red LED 3-1/2 Digit Display
Jumper Selectable Ranges
Wide Input Range: DC Voltage, AC Voltage, DC Current, High DC Current
High AC Current, Scalable Process, Frequency
Optional Dual Alarm and Excitation Power Supply

Digital Panel Meters Doric Pro 1000 Series