Thermocouple Simulator/Calibrator Ectron Model 1100

Thermocouple Simulator/Calibrator, Thermocouple Simulator, Thermocouple Calibrator, Ectron, Model 1100Thermocouple Simulator/Calibrator Ectron Model 1100 simplifies precise calibration of thermocouple measuring instruments, includes linear DC calibration capability.

Ectron Thermocouple Simulators produce an emf on their output terminals exactly duplicating the output of an actual thermocouple heated to the selected temperature.

Thermocouple Simulator/Calibrator Ectron Model 1100CF can simulate the output of E, J, K and T type thermocouples. Temperature, polarity and a linear voltage mode are controlled by use of thumbwheel switches. A meter mode compares the output of a remote thermocouple to the instrument's internal source for precision thermocouple measurements.

Thermocouple Applications:

Calibration of:
Temperature Indicators
Data Systems
Temperature Transmitters
Amplifiers and Linearizers
Temperature Controllers
Thermocouples (requires bath)

Linear Applications:

Calibration of:
DC Digital Voltmeters
Panel Meters
Strip Chart Recorders
VCO's and Amplifiers
DC Power Supplies


Simulates 4 TC Types
Dial Temperature in Degrees
Digital Conformity to NIST 0.1
Self-Contained Ref. Junction
Dial Millivolts Directly
0.01% of Reading Accuracy
Optional Remote Programming

Now! ITS-900 per the latest NIST Thermocouple Specifications Monograph 175