Thermocouple Simulators and Calibrators Ectron Model 1120

Thermocouple, Simulators, Calibrators, Ectron, Model 1120Thermocouple Simulators and Calibrators Ectron Model 1120, simplifies precise calibration of thermocouple measuring instruments, includes linear DC calibration capability.

Ectron Thermocouple Simulators produce an emf on their output terminals exactly duplicating the output of an actual thermocouple heated to the selected temperature. Used to calibrate thermocouple measuring instrumentation, it is only necessary to interconnect the simulator to the unit under test using thermocouple wire and perform the calibration.

The microprocessor-based Thermocouple Simulators and Calibrators Ectron Model 1120 utilizes polynomial transformation to convert temperature into an exact equivalent thermocouple emf. As a result, conformity errors are virtually nil. Ten thermocouple types are offered as plug-in modules, covering all commonly used materials.

By selecting the millivolts or volts mode, the Thermocouple Simulators and Calibrators Ectron Model 1120 becomes a precision dc voltage calibrator.

Thermocouple Applications:

Calibration of:
Temperature Indicators
Data Systems
Temperature Transmitters
Amplifiers and Linearizers
Temperature Controllers
Temperature Alarms
Temperature Recorders

Linear Applications:

Calibration of:
DC Digital Voltmeters
Panel Meters
Strip Chart Recorders
VCO's and Amplifiers
DC Power Supplies
Analog to Digital Converters


Simulates up to 10 T/C Types
Key Temperature in Degrees C or F
Digital Conformity to NBS < 1 microvolts
Keyable Self Contained Ref. Junctions
Key Millivolts or Volts Directly
0.005% of Reading Accuracy
Optional IEEE-488 Interface
Microprocessor Based

Now! ITS-900 per the latest NIST Thermocouple Specifications Monograph 175

Thermocouple Simulators and Calibrators Ectron Model 1120