Thermocouple Simulator/Calibrator Ectron Model 1140A

Thermocouple Simulator/Calibrator, Ectron, Model 1140AThe Model 1140A has the highest accuracy and most economical price of all the models ever released by Ectron. The Model 1140A has 0.05C accuracy for common thermocouple types including cold-junction compensation. Moreover, the Model 1140A offers dc accuracy of 0.0025% + 0.75 V for 6 months, in both source and measure modes

The Model 1140A provides four calibration functions: precise simulation of thermocouple signals, precise measurement of thermocouple signals, generation of accurate dc voltages from microvolt level to 11 volts, and measurement of dc voltages over the same range. The thermocouple simulation and measurement accuracies are the highest in the industry, affording a margin of calibration accuracy heretofore unavailable.

Using a high-speed microcontroller, the 1140A offers such unique features as an autozero function to correct the zero reading of a non-ideal thermocouple. For repetitive operations, 100 sets of operating conditions can be committed to memory for future retrieval, including automatic sequencing from one condition to the next. Using one of the several interfaces, all functions can be programmed and executed under computer control.

Thermocouple Applications:

Calibration of:
Temperature Indicators
Data Systems
Temperature Transmitters
Amplifiers and Linearizers
Temperature Controllers
Thermocouples (requires bath)

Linear Applications:

Calibration of:
DC Digital Voltmeters
Panel Meters
Strip Chart Recorders
VCO's and Amplifiers
DC Power Supplies


0.05C Accuracy for Common Thermocouple Types
Simulate and Measure Thermocouples
Source and Measure dc Microvolts to Volts, nV Resolution
Dc Accuracy of 0.0025% + 0.75 V for Six Months, for both source and measure modes
Output Impedance of 0.05 Ω, All Ranges
IEEE-488-2, Ethernet, USB, and other interfaces