Severe Environment Subminiature Amplifier Ectron Model 314B

Severe, Environment, Subminiature, Amplifier, Ectron, Model 314BThe Ectron Model 314B is an Extreme Environment, Subminiature, Differential DC Amplifier with a built-in,
isolated bridge excitation supply.

It is designed for use with a wide variety of external transducers including strain gauges. Occupying less than 1.2 cubic inch of space and weighing less than 1.7 oz., it is ideally suited for applications where space is at a premium and the minimum possible weight is required.

The dense packaging, encapsulated construction and advanced design result in a finished product which can produce highly accurate data under the most severe shock and vibration conditions.

In addition, the use of special components and a sealed case permit it to operate over the severe temperature range of -25C to +71C and in environments of up to 100% relative humidity. Protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) is obtained through the use of a steel case and filters in all input, output, excitation and power leads.


Less than 1.2 cubic inch volume
2500 G shock
-25C to +71C operation
EMI protected
Integral bridge excitation
Gain variable to 1000
Transformer isolated
Adjustable output offset