Environmental Amplifier/Signal Conditioner Ectron 350 Series

Environmental Amplifier/Signal Conditioner, Environmental Amplifier, Environmental Signal Conditioner, Ectron, 350 SeriesEctron 350 Series Amplifier/Signal Conditioner are small environmental differential DC Amplifiers with built-in variable voltage bridge excitation supply.

Three models comprise the Ectron 350 Series Amplifier/Signal Conditioner, differing only in physical size and mounting configuration. With an input impedance of 20 megohm and bandwidth to 20 kHz, they are designed for use with a wide variety of external transducers including piezoresistive type strain gauges.

The dense packaging, encapsulated construction and advanced design result in a finished product which can produce highly accurate data under the most severe conditions.


Small sized
Integral variable bridge excitation
Variable gain
20 kHz bandwidth
12 or 28V DC powered
100G shock
EMI/RFI protection

Ectron 350 Series