Differential DC Amplifier And Signal Conditioners Ectron 400 Series

Differential, DC Amplifier, Signal Conditioners, Ectron, 400 SeriesDifferential DC Amplifier And Signal Conditioners Ectron 400 Series models are true differential amplifiers with transformer isolation between input, output and the power source.

An internal DC/DC converter provides bi-polar voltages for the circuitry while accepting power from a single external DC power supply or battery. This is 12 volts for automotive applications or 28 volts for airborne systems.

In addition to the high performance DC Amplifier, the units can be optionally supplied with integral strain gauge excitation supplies and bridge balance or thermocouple reference junction compensation.

Transformer coupling contributes to high common mode rejection and the chopper design results in superior zero stability. The use of top grade components and a rigorous testing program ensures reliable operation over a wide range of ambient temperatures.

Rugged Applications:

Vehicle Crash Testing
Flight Testing

Environmental Ratings:

100 G Shock
20 G Continuous Vibration
-55C to +100C
100% Relative Humidity
Thermal Shock Resistant