Transducer Conditioner/Amplifier Ectron Model 416

Transducer Conditioner/Amplifier, Transducer Conditioner, Transducer Amplifier, Ectron, Model 416Transducer Conditioner/Amplifier Ectron Model 416 with a precision instrumentation amplifier for use in poor environmental conditions.

Designed for use with almost any transducer, the Transducer Conditioner/Amplifier Ectron Model 416 provides outstanding performance despite temperature extremes and high levels of shock and vibration.

Featuring complete ohmic isolation between the signal input, output, excitation, power supply and case, it is a solid state copper-stabilized differential DC amplifier with an internal excitation voltage supply.

The high input impedance permits operation with a large variety of signal sources; and the low output impedance allows operation into highly reactive loads, telemetry equipment and most recording and/or storage devices.

Standard Features:

Ruggedized for environmental extremes
10-V amplifier output
40-mV input zero suppression
Continuous gain in a 1-2-5 sequence from 10 to >2500
Customer-selectable excitation voltage
EMI/RFI filtering on all connector pins
Operation from any DC voltage from +10.5 to +32 V dc
All units 100% temperature tested over full operating range

Ectron Model 416