Differential DC Amplifier & Signal Conditioner Ectron Model 418

Differential, DC Amplifier, Signal Conditioner, Ectron, Model 418The auto industry standard for on-board vehicle test, the Model 418 is small and rugged but is able to condition and amplify signals from almost any bridge type transducer including strain gauges, load cells, and RTDs. On the test tracks, The Model 418 can produce high accuracy data despite temperature extremes and high shock and vibration conditions. RFI/EMI protection is available to minimize the effects of the many spurious signals from today's on-board electronics or even telemetry transmitters. Models with compatible enclosures are available for crash test and other extreme applications.

The Model 418 is a true differential amplifier with transformer isolation between input, output and the power source. An internal DC/DC converter provides bi-polar voltages for the circuitry while accepting power from a single external DC power supply or battery. This is 12 volts for automotive applications or 28 volts for airborne systems. In addition to the high performance DC amplifier, the units can be optionally supplied with integral strain gauge excitation supplies and bridge balance or zero suppression. Transformer coupling contributes to high common mode rejection and the chopper design results in superior zero stability. The use of top grade components and a rigorous testing program ensures reliable operation over a wide range of ambient temperatures.

The Model 418 amplifier is packaged in a rugged, compact steel case and will withstand high shock and vibration levels under fully operational conditions. The Model 418 is intended for rack mounting and is equipped with a front panel gain switch. Zero controls are also located on the front panel in accordance with the options selected. The front panel dimensions are 1.1" by 2.37" and the depth is 4" (plus connector and controls). The R408 Series enclosures are 3.5" high and optionally contain 115 VAC power supplies. A full one year warranty applies when the equipment is used under any environmental conditions within its rating.


100g shock, 20g vibration
Excellent stability under large, fast temperature changes
Ohmically isolated input and output
True differential input
High CMR and 100 V CMV
Operation from vehicle battery supply


Autozero on command
Wide range zero suppression
100 mA output
RFI/EMI protection
Bridge balance
12 V ro 28 V dc powered